Senior Photography

Senior Photographer - Birmingham, AL


I always get asked the question... why Senior Photography? The truth is, I love it! I love watching the seniors get all dolled up for their session, I love seeing their faces when they look in my camera and see how good they look, and I love seeing their reaction to seeing themselves in print.


I didn't start off doing Senior Photography in Birmingham, AL. I started off in the California market.... and it was TOTALLY different. High School Seniors in California rarely used the studio provided to them from their school. In fact, almost all of them found a senior photographer to do their photos. Then I moved to Birmingham, AL. When I got here, I found that people rarely used a photographer that wasn't provided to them by the school. What?!?!?!?!?

My first thoughts, why on Earth would you want your senior photos to look like the 400 other graduates from your school, same background, same pose. Not to mention that the same things are being used at about 10 other schools. Why wouldn't you want your Senior High School photos to be DIFFERENT?

 So, I started talking to the high school seniors that were about to have their senior photos done by the school photographer.
They didn't know that they could have their senior pictures done differently.

So, this is where we begin... I have been talking to girls from all over Birmingham, AL educating them that they do not have to be another number to a big box studio. They CAN have a say in what their high school senior photos look like and they can choose their highs school senior photographer. There are OPTIONS! 

That being said, what makes us so different at Alanna Rose Photography? Why are we the best choice in Birmingham, AL for senior photography? The answer is simple. I want you to be YOU. I want you to be different and I want your photos to be different from the hundreds of other seniors graduating this year.

I do that by starting our senior portrait experience with a consultation. This is where I find out all about you, what you like, what you don't like, and what ideas you have for your senior photos. Then we come up with the concept for your shoot. From here you might send me pictures of clothing and we will discuss hair, makeup and location. We will talk about anything you may want to incorporate into your shoot. Then we map out your senior photo session.

On the day of your shoot we are going to be all prepared. You are going to show up at the studio and feel confident that this is your day (we only schedule one session a day). You will have my teams total attention as we help you get picture perfect for your shoot. You will have your outfits (yes I said OUTFITS) ready to go, all paired up perfectly with the location we are shooting at.


Your shoot will be an experience....
you just have to trust me.


Fast forward to your premier ordering session. We do your ordering session at my studio. I don't just throw your Senior Photos up on the web and wish you good luck. We will go through them one by one and let you and your family choose what they like best. We have a whole line of products available so we can really create something special out of your senior photos.


Remember, your senior photography should be something special! Lets just say, when we are done with you, your friends will want to BE YOU!